The Best Waterproof Phone Cases

The Best Waterproof Phone Cases

So you’re interested in bringing your phone with you on your open water swim? But understandably you have your worries. Our phones are so precious to us and are expensive items to replace if they get damaged, it’s natural to have some concerns about bringing it out into the water with you. So we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best waterproof phone bags so you can find a case that you can trust.

Why Use a Waterproof Phone Bag?

Waterproof phone bags are great additions to your open water swimming kit. Not only do they give you an extra level of safety, they also allow you to make the most of your swim. With the ability to call for help in an emergency, provide your gps, track your swim, or enjoy taking photos of the beautiful views along the way, bringing your phone with you on your swim is a must. It also means you don’t have to worry about leaving it in your car or hidden on land somewhere, at risk of being stolen.

Best Overall for Open Water Swimming?

Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag - £7.50


  • Secure seal
  • Adjustable lanyard
  • Fits most smartphones
  • Made from durable PVC


  • Only available in orange
  • Can’t be submerged more than 1m

The Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag is our top pick for the best overall open water swimming pouch due to its durability, size and strong double seal which is covered with a velcro flap. The case is made from high quality strong PVC which is strong enough to resist most punctures and is big enough to fit most smart phones. Whether you have a Samsung S20+, an iPhone 14 Pro Max or a Google Pixel 7, your phone will stay dry and accessible while you’re in the water.

This phone bag is attached to an adjustable lanyard so you can wear your phone around your neck, wrap the lanyard around your wrist, or the phone case fits perfectly into the dry compartment in the Donut Tow Float or the phone pocket on the 28L Dry Bag. However you use your phone case, it will always be attached to you in some way. This means that being unable to submerge the case deeper than 1m isn’t an issue for using on open water swims. 

The clear front and back panels allow you to use your phone and take beautiful scenic photos along your swim. The velcro flap and lanyard on this phone pouch only comes in orange. However, orange is one of the best colours for open water swimming as it ensures the visibility of you and your phone in the water.

Best for Taking Photos

Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch - £7.99


  • Clear front and back panels
  • Fits all common smartphones
  • Able to talk and hear through the case


  • Black and blue colours not visible in the water
  • Slightly smaller

The Puffin Swim Waterproof Phone Pouch is our top pick for photography due to the front and back panels staying clear when it’s in and out of the water. Whether you want to keep a record of your swims with selfies in the water, want to remember any beautiful fish or birds you see along your way or you want to share those breathtaking scenic views. This phone pouch ensures your photos are clear and top quality through the plastic panels.

Although this phone pouch is slightly smaller than the other options on this list, it still fits most smartphones (as long as they are smaller than 7 inches diagonally). Like the Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag, the Puffin Pouch has a secure seal with a velcro flap (the triple seal of the Puffin works just as well as the double seal of the Swim Secure bag). This protects your phone from dirt, sand and water.

Available in orange, blue or black, this case does have a good choice of colours. However, only the orange option is practical for open water swimming as both the blue and black won’t be visible in the water. Although your phone case would be attached to you with the adjustable lanyard, seeing where it is in the water would be much more difficult with the black and blue cases.

Best for Large Phones

Swimcell Large Waterproof Phone Case - £15.99


  • Choice of case colours
  • Fits smartphones and small tablets
  • IPX8 waterproof rating


  • Difficult to open with wet hands
  • Itchy lanyard

Our choice for the best phone case for large phones is the Swimcell Large Waterproof Phone Case. Fitting phones and small tablets up to 10.3cm x 19cm, this phone bag is the perfect size for large phones, phones with chunky cases or phones alongside car keys. However, the size of this case does mean it can get in the way when you’re swimming. To overcome this, instead of using the lanyard, use the case as an extra layer of protection inside a dry bag.

This case is made from high quality soft PVC and comes in a wide variety of colours including white, pink and yellow which are ideal for open water swimming. It’s waterproof and can be submerged up to 10m for 1 hour, making it ideal if you like to combine your open water swimming with diving.

The closing mechanism of this case is different to our first two best phone cases. Instead of a double or triple seal and velcro flap, the Swimcell Case uses a twist lock mechanism. Although this is a sturdy and secure sealing mechanism, it can be difficult to open and close, especially with wet hands.

Best for Buoyancy

Zone3 Buoyancy Waterproof Phone Pouch - £9.50


  • Provides some buoyancy
  • Adjustable lanyard


  • Only available in orange
  • Smallest case

Do you want your waterproof phone bag to float towards the top of the water? The Zone3 Buoyancy Waterproof Phone Pouch is the pouch for you. With a pre-inflated buoyancy ring, your phone will never be out of reach and will make it easier to swim with. However, due to the weight of your smartphone, your phone case will float just below the water rather than on the surface of the water.

This Zone3 Pouch is only available in orange which, like the Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag, is ideal for the visibility of the pouch in the water (although some people might find orange boring). The case seals closed with a folding flap and popper buttons and has clear front and back panels so you can use your phone and camera while on your swim.

Although this case is durable and a good choice for open water swimming, it is the smallest case on this list. For your smartphone to fit in this bag it’ll need to diagonally measure 6.7 inches or less. However, this is big enough to fit many popular smartphones, including the iPhone 11.

Best for the Environment

Overboard Large Waterproof Phone Case - £21.99


  • Fits large smartphones
  • Made from eco-friendly TPU fabrics
  • Lightweight


  • Only available in blue and black
  • Photos can be blurry

Our 5th and final pick is the Overboard Large Waterproof Phone Case. Made from eco-friendly TPU fabrics, this is the best waterproof phone pouch for people who want to be more environmentally friendly. Closing with a slide seal, most people find this phone case easy to use. It also fits most phone sizes and models (including large smartphones). 

The case has a clear plastic front panel with good touch screen usability while on your swim. The case can also be submerged by 6m for up to 1 hour. The back panel of the phone case is Lenzflex to aid your back camera. However, this back panel doesn’t always produce clear photos.

Despite this case being large, it’s lightweight and has some buoyancy. However, this case is only available in black or blue. Neither of these colours provide visibility for your phone in the water. Although this doesn’t affect the security of your phone, it means it might be more difficult for you to see where your phone is in the water.


Overall, our favourite waterproof phone case is the Swim Secure Protective Phone Bag as it fits most phones and has all the features you need to be safe and enjoy your open water swim. The other 4 waterproof phone bags are also good options to take on your open water swims. The right pouch for you will depend on the features that are most important to you and the size of your smartphone.

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