Swim Safe, Swim Visible, Swim Guard

Outdoor and open water swimming is a lot of fun and a great form of exercise. It refreshes you, cools you down on a hot day, and has big benefits for both physical and mental health. 

But the key to enjoying outdoor and open swimming is safety. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make outdoor and open water swimming safer so you can enjoy your swim with the added security of your tow float or dry bag. 

Our safety products are to be used by competent swimmers to provide you with the extra support you need. Whether you are new to open water swimming or an experienced outdoor swimmer, our tow floats and dry bags will give you support and make you more visible in the water.

“If you’re swimming any kind of distance without safety support, use a tow float. The bright colour will mean you can be seen by boats and jet-skis” - Countryfile Magazine

“Perfect if you need to wear a tow float for your local open water venue. Quality is high and the float is inflated using an easy to use non-return valve” - Outdoor Swimmer

“A tow float’s a great thing to take with you if you’re a little bit nervous - just hold onto it for support when you need it” - Coach Magazine