Swim Secure Tow Float: Review

Swim Secure Tow Float: Review

We want you to get the best products so you can enjoy your open water swim safely. On our last dip in the sea, we took Swim Secure’s Tow Float with us. Read on to find out what we liked, what could’ve been better and why we would recommend this product.


As one of the top suppliers of open water swimming equipment, Swim Secure produces a variety of products including tow floatsdry bagsaccessories and more. Whether you’re a open water swimming beginner, a regular wild swimmer, or a triathlete, Swim Secure will make your open water swim safer and more enjoyable.


The first task is to attach the waist belt and leash to the tow float. We found this a bit challenging at first but managed to work it out. Here are our instructions for attaching the waist belt and leash:

Feed one end of the leash through the tow float handle (on the underside of the float) and through the loop on the other end of the leash to create a kind of knot around the handle. Then feed your belt through the leash loop that isn’t attached to the tow float handle and you’re ready to attach the belt around your waist.

Inflating and deflating the tow float was easy with the one way valve. Although you need to remember not to over inflate the first air chamber otherwise you won’t be able to properly inflate the second chamber. We did this and had to let out some of the air in the first chamber so we could reasonably fill the second chamber. We found the easiest and quickest way to deflate the float was to push the back of the valve cap into the valve at a 45 degree angle.

Carrying the tow float to and from the water was really easy as it’s so lightweight. Once in the water, the float didn’t get in the way of either of us swimming and there was so little drag that we both wondered if we’d lost our floats. We hadn’t, they were just hovering above our knees. 

The only time the float did affect our swim was when there was a stronger gust of wind, leading to both of us getting tapped on the back by our floats. However, they quickly returned to their optimum position above our knees after a couple of swim strokes.

Who's the Tow Float for?

A tow float is an important piece of safety equipment for any open water swimmer. The Swim Secure Tow Float is a good quality float which can be used by any competent swimmer while in open water. However, as experienced wild swimmers, we found this float was perfect for people who are experienced in the water and go out for regular swims.

This is because it has everything we needed without any of the extras that we didn’t need. It made us seen in the water. It didn’t get in the way of our swimming. And it was there in case we got into an emergency and needed some extra buoyancy support (although Swim Secure does emphasise that, although the float does support an adults weight, it is not made for this purpose). 

This float would also be ideal for use by athletes and swimmers participating in open water swimming races and competitions.


  • 41cm x 32cm float size (deflated) - Lightweight and compact.
  • Adjustable belt length - 58cm to 108cm (Buy additional waist belts here).
  • Visible - Choose between bright orange or bright pink to make it easier for watercraft, rescue teams and other swimmers to see you in the water.
  • Strong and durable pvc material.
  • Very little drag.
  • One way valve - Quick and easy to inflate and deflate.
  • Two air chambers - Practical even with a puncture.
  • Can be used as a buoyancy support in an emergency.
  • Space for emergency contact details.


Where do you Keep your Keys?

Initially, we didn’t think it would be a problem to not have a dry compartment or mesh pocket as we don’t usually need anything during our swim (like a water bottle or energy snack) and we usually have a friend who stays onland who looks after our car keys. But we realised that if we were swimming without a friend on land, not having a pocket or dry bag compartment would be an issue.

However, this issue wouldn’t put me off using the tow float in the future as if I was swimming alone or without someone on shore I would also bring a bum bag. This would easily fit my car keys so I wouldn’t have to hide them somewhere on the beach, risking them being stolen.

Visibility in the Waves

For the majority of our open water swim, our friend on the shore was able to spot our tow floats bobbing around. However, when it started to get a bit windy and the water started to get more choppy, the smaller size of the tow floats made them more difficult to see from shore.

Price Comparison

Price wise, the Swim Secure Tow Float is a reasonable price compared to other tow floats with similar features. We’ve compared some of the top tow floats here:

  • Swim Secure Tow Float - RRP £22.00.
  • Puffin Swim Tow Float - RRP £21.99.
  • Zone3 Swim Safety Tow Float - RRP £22.50.
  • Dippy Wild Swimming Float - RRP £24.99.

Would we Recommend Swim Secure's Tow Float?

Definitely. For experienced open water swimmers (like ourselves) and competitive swimmers, this tow float is a great option. It’s visible, doesn’t affect swimming performance and can provide support in an emergency. We will definitely be taking our Swim Secure Tow Floats out on our future open water swims.

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