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Beginner Bundle

Beginner Bundle

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Are you new to open water swimming and want to get everything you need in one simple bundle? Then the Beginner Bundle is for you. 

This bundle includes a bright orange swim cap and tow float to keep you as safe and visible as possible in the water. The phone bag is great for bringing your phone or your car keys with you on your swim (but make sure it’s not submerged deeper than 1 metre for long periods of time). This bundle also comes with a microfibre towel which is super absorbent, ideal for drying off after your swim. 

Grab your bundle today and enjoy being safe on your open water swims.

This bundle includes:

1 x Bubble Swim Cap (Orange)

1 x Tow Float (Orange)

1 x Protective Phone Bag

1 x Microfibre Towel (Navy)

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