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Pro Bundle

Pro Bundle

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Enjoy going on swim hikes but struggle to bring everything you need with you? You need the Pro Bundle. This bundle comes with the Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag which has detachable shoulder straps. Use the dry bag as a backpack on land and switch the backpack straps to a leash and waist belt to go in the water for your swim. 

Being visible on your swim won’t be an issue with this bundle. The swim bag and the swim cap are bright orange, and an adventure light is also included. Not only will the orange make you stand out in the water, the light will give you that extra level of safety and visibility. 

The bundle also comes with important items for after your swim including a flask, towel, and bobble hat. Fill the flask with a hot drink so when you get back to your car, you can have a nice drink to warm you up. The towel and hat (as well as some light clothes) will fit nicely inside the swim dry bag, so if you swim to a different location and walk back, you can dry yourself off and warm up on your walk back.

With all the safety features you need for during and after your swim, you can’t go wrong with the Pro Bundle.

This bundle includes:

1 x Wild Swim Bag (Orange)

1 x Adventure Light (Red)

1 x Bubble Swim Cap (Orange)

1 x Microfibre Towel (Navy)

1 x Vacuum Insulated Flask

1 x Luxury Bobble Hat (Red/White/Blue)

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